No Refunds

This is a list building service.  You cannot return or render useless the service that I am providing.  So I have a strict "no refunds" policy on this site.  Refunders' PayPal email addresses will be banned from making future purchases of this service.  Anyone who cheats the monthly subscription by cancelling and starting a new subscription when needed, as opposed to using the 30-day in advance option, will be banned from future purchase of all of my products and be recommended to JVZoo's network-wide ban list.



You can promote the Dollar-A-Day list builder by any means, so long as they are legal and legitimate.  This means no spam, no scams and no false hope.


Account Activity

In order to keep your account, you must log in at least once within every 30 days.  You will receive a notification after not logging in for 21 days.  7 days later, if you have not logged in, your account will be considered dormant and your account and advertisments will be deleted.  This keeps my database from getting loaded with dormant accounts and, in turn, keeps the site fast for other members.